CLAIM: Suri Cruise Being Pitched Fashion Designs By Classmates and Parents

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By Michael Lewittes


Suri Cruise has suddenly become an even more popular girl, thanks to rumors that she’s set to launch a multimillion-dollar kids fashion line,” begins a widely absurd new story from the National Enquirer.

According to the supermarket tabloid, her classmates at a private school in New York are “inundating” Cruise “with design ideas.” But that’s not all. “Even some of the parents have gotten into the act,” says a made-up “insider” for the magazine, adding, “They’ve given their kids little scraps of paper with pictures of outfits they’ve put together. STOP.

NONE of the Enquirer’s story is true. As Gossip Cop previously reported, a rep for Katie Holmes told us the claim about Suri starting her own fashion line “isn’t true.” Therefore, it’s impossible that moms and dads are pitching designs to a 7-year-old for a clothing line that doesn’t exist. Of course, that doesn’t stop the tabloid from further making a fool of itself.

The Enquirer then ties the latest Suri fashion line rumor to another of its fabricated stories, which claimed that Holmes banned other parents from watching their kids take tennis lessons in the same building as her daughter. The magazine writes that since Suri will be a fashion mogul, the parents who were previously “banned” from the tennis building now feel “all is forgiven.” Not surprisingly, Gossip Cop is told the magazine’s most recent tale is “all lies.”

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