VIDEO: Sump’n Claus On SNL Gives Cash To Naughty People Crossed Off Santa’s List

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Sump'n Claus

By Daniel Gates


Sump'n Claus


Meet Sump’n Claus, who left his mark on “Saturday Night Live.” The “SNL” sketch featured Keenan Thompson as a holiday gift-giver who takes care of the naughty people crossed off Santa’s list. Sump’n Claus has a simple philosophy: “Everybody’s gettin’ sump’n.” Check out the video below!

The furious woman who slashes her ex’s tires? The overworked office worker who snaps and attacks his boss? Justin Bieber? Paula Deen? Donald Sterling? They’re ALL gettin’ sump’n this year from Sump’n Claus! What they’re getting is cash. Specifically, white envelopes filled with twenties and fifties. Just don’t ask Sump’n Claus where he got the money.

We also learn Sump’n Claus’ backstory, which involves being thrown out of Santa’s workshop for getting a little too friendly with Mrs. Claus. Sump’n also takes the opportunity to spill a little dirt about Santa, who may be hiding some naughty secrets of his own.

“Go ahead. Be naughty. I gotcha,” promises Sump’n Claus. We believe him. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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