Subway Blasted Over ‘Sexist’ Commercial Using Halloween Costumes (VIDEO)

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Sexist Subway Commercial

By Daniel Gates


Sexist Subway Commercial


Subway is under fire for a Halloween-themed commercial that many people are calling sexist. The ad shows a trio of people having lunch.

“You guys are eating burgers?” one woman asks incredulously, pointing out, “Halloween’s coming! You’ve got to stay in shape for all the costumes.” Viewers then see a montage of the woman wearing sexy outfits like “attractive nurse,” “sassy teacher” and “foxy fullback.”

We’re told that Subway’s “loads of low-fat, delicious sandwiches” can help people keep off the pounds for “whatever you’re staying fit for.”

But a number of observers are furious with the sandwich chain, alleging that there’s something creepy about encouraging women to be thin enough to wear sexy costumes.

“Just saw the new @SUBWAY commercial shaming people into being ‘in shape for Halloween costumes.’ Way to be misogynistic AND sizeist,” tweeted one outraged viewer. Another person wrote, “Really, @Subway? We should eat your crappy sandwiches so we can look hot in skanky Halloween costumes? REALLY?”

“Thanks @SUBWAY 4 reminding me 2 never get fat, always be a particular kind of sexy & dress for men! I almost forgot!” tweeted a third upset commenter.

What do you think — is the commercial in poor taste, or no big deal? Note: Video no longer available

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