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Stripping Away the Noise on Josh Duhamel & Fergie Story

Truth rating: 2

By Daniel Gates



Gossip Cop wanted to update the Josh Duhamel and Fergie story that’s still making the rounds.

An Atlanta stripper’s allegation that she had sex with “Transformers” star Duhamel in his hotel room continues to attract huge attention, even though very little new information has emerged since supermarket tab The National Enquirer paid Nicole Forrester for her story.

What we do know at this point is that the couple has been spending time together, Black Eyed Pea Fergie believes her husband, the tabs are still mostly going on a questionable polygraph test Forrester took, and Gossip Cop has received numerous tips doubting her credibility. Additionally, unflattering chatter about the stripper is starting to emerge. Yesterday, someone who knows Forrester called into “The Bert Show” on Atlanta’s Q100 radio station – the same one that interviewed her – and said the stripper’s done crazy things in the past, and “people will do crazy stuff for money, especially that kind of money.”

Until we see an outlet put together a story more substantive than the (dubious) original, we’re not going to “transform” our minds.

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