Steven Tyler and Leven Rambin Spotted “Making Out” at Oscars Party?!

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(New York Daily News)

By Michael Lewittes


Steven Tyler and Leven Rambin

(New York Daily News)

Steven Tyler and Hunger Games actress Leven Rambin were spotted “making out” at Elton John’s Oscars party, reports the New York Daily News. According to a supposed “insider” at the bash, the 22-year-old actress “attacked” the 64-year-old Aerosmith singer “with her tongue.” Say what?!

The purported spy tattles, “She ran to him as he was posing for photos and started making out with him. I saw their tongues together.” “They were super making out,” claims the source, who is either 13-years-old or doesn’t have a command of the English language.

The paper goes on to allege, “Tyler continued kissing Rambin while he held a woman in a red dress with his other arm, as everyone stared from their dinner tables.” After some “serious lip service,” writes the Daily News, Randy Jackson supposedly intervened and “gave Rambin some water.” “Their friends told them both to take it easy after the spectacle,” adds the so-called “spy.”

Gossip Cop has some suspicions about this report. For starters, if this supposed make-out session went on as long as the paper’s “insider” claims, then why didn’t he or she capture a better image of the alleged hookup? Also, why should we trust an outlet that earlier on Tuesday claimed Suri Cruise was using a “body double” to fool the paparazzi”? And how were there hundreds of people at Elton John’s party, and only the tab’s “insider” heard about it?

As it turns out, our skepticism was warranted. Rambin tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the story is “completely not true,” saying, “The ‘eyewitness’ has a very vivid and exaggerated imagination as this was just an innocent hug and kiss on the cheek to someone I admire. I’m simply a fan of Steven Tyler but this will be great for my scrapbook.” D’Oh!

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