Steven Tyler Rocks on Bloodied & Bruised a Day After Shower Accident (PHOTOS)

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By Michael Lewittes



Steven Tyler, who fainted in the shower of a Paraguay hotel on Tuesday, resulting in him losing two teeth and receiving a big gash above his right eye, got back on the stage on Wednesday night.

The singer wore sunglasses when he performed the concert’s first song with his band Aerosmith, but then took them off to reveal a black eye beneath his eyebrow (see right), where four stitches were needed to close up a deep cut. In a phone call from Buenos Aires, Tyler told the “Today Show” on Thursday that the “crowd roared” when he removed his shades.

The Aerosmith frontman and “American Idol” judge had been suffering from food poisoning when the accident occurred. “I started to get sick, and I just fell on my face… I just passed out,” he said on the morning show.

Tyler also explained that with the help of the American Embassy in Paraguay, he found the area’s best hospital, where he received “one-stop shopping.” “They stitched up my eye. They did a little plastic surgery. And they fixed my tooth. All in one fell swoop,” he said.

Tyler also acknowledged how it was understandable, having a history of drug and alcohol abuse, that people would think his shower fall may have been tied to a relapse. “That is natural and normal,” he told the “Today Show,” adding, “I get that people think that… It still bothers me a little, but it’s something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

Check out (below) how Tyler looked shortly after his fall.



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