VIDEO: Star-Studded Musical Goodbye On Stephen Colbert Report Finale

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Stephen Colbert Report Finale Video

By Shari Weiss


Stephen Colbert Report Finale Video

(Comedy Central)

The series finale of the “Colbert Report” featured a musical goodbye from Stephen Colbert, dozens of celebrities, public figures and other well-known faces. Check out the video below!

Towards the end of the last episode, Colbert began singing “We’ll Meet Again,” and was quickly joined by longtime friend and collaborator Jon Stewart. The audience erupted in cheers, but had no idea what was still in store. Soon more and more people started emerging from backstage.

There was James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Andy Cohen, Katie Couric, Ariana Huffington, Keith Olbermann, Cyndi Lauper, Barry Manilow, Charlie Rose, Ken Burns, Michael Stipe, Kareem Abjul-Jabar, Elijah Wood, Bob Costas, Patrick Stewart, Tom Brokaw, Yo Yo Ma, Mandy Patinkin, Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, George Lucas, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Gloria Steinem and many, many more. Big Bird and Cookie Monster even took part in the sing-along, plus Colbert’s late-night replacement, Larry Wilmore.

When the segment ended, the camera showed Colbert’s empty desk and the sound stage dark. As it turned out, the faux newsman was outside, where he was surprisingly greeted by Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek. Convinced to join them, Colbert said some parting words, ending with, “From eternity, I’m Stephen Colbert. Jon?” Minutes after the broadcast ended, Colbert tweeted, “I changed the world!” Watch the video below! Note: Video no longer available.

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