Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired?


By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the remaining contestants had to create silent films to promote Australian Gold products.

But first, the teams had to be evened out, so Donald Trump moved Marilu Henner from Team Plan B to Team Power, ensuring each group had four players. Gary Busey was the only one left on Team Plan B who hadn’t yet served as Project Manager, so he stepped up to the challenge, while Trace Adkins was named leader of Team Power for the first time.

Team Plan B’s idea was to show a couple at the beach where the woman (Lisa Rinna) is scared of the sun. Then, an Australian Gold messenger (Busey) arrives and delivers the suntan lotion. Stephen Baldwin directed the film, and clashed repeatedly with Penn Jillette, who called the actor’s ideas “cliche.” Busey insisted on having a stuffed Koala bear in the ad.

Meanwhile, Team Power’s ad featured Trace Adkins as caveman whose life goes from black and white to color when he discovers Australian Gold. Lil Jon directed the commercial, and frequently clashed with Henner, whom he felt was overly-neurotic.

The Australian Gold executives, Eric and Katie, were “really impressed” with both teams’ work. The execs’ criticisms were that Team Plan B didn’t use the product enough in the spot, whereas they would have liked to see the product earlier in Team Power’s movie.

In the boardroom, Trump announced that Team Power had won the competition, earning $40,000 for the American Red Cross. The mogul revealed that Team Plan B lost because they only used the Australian Gold bronzer in the movie, whereas the other team displayed the full line of products at the end of their spot.

So, whom from Team Plan B was made to pay for the team’s loss? Busey, Baldwin and Jillette had to leave and then re-enter the boardroom, while Rinna was declared safe. Jillette was then declared safe, and was allowed to exit the boardroom. In the end, Stephen Baldwin was fired because Trump said he was the director and didn’t put the product in the film.

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