VIDEO: Stephen Amell and Eric Stonestreet Play “Name That Thing” on Jimmy Kimmel

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Stephen Amell Eric Stonestreet

By Daniel Gates


Stephen Amell Eric Stonestreet


Stephen Amell and Eric Stonestreet squared off in a game of “Name That Thing” on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” It might seem simple. It might seem easy. But… well, it’s actually pretty simple and easy. Who won? Watch the video below!

A series of items were revealed to Amell and Stonestreet, and they were given 10 seconds to write down what that “thing” was. It could be a petri dish. It could be a cornucopia. It could be a cockatoo. It could be dragon fruit. It could be a breast milk pump. You get the idea. It’s actually harder than it seems to “name that thing” for some… things!

We won’t spoil what happened, but the game proved to be very close and very intense. It all came down to a “Final Jeopardy!”-style conclusion, when Amell and Stonestreet had to write down as many U.S. presidents as they could in 20 seconds. And Amell is Canadian! Would Stonestreet defend America’s honor? What prizes were won? Watch the video below, and tell us what you think of this hot new game show!

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