Stefon Returns To SNL, Back To Announce “I’m Pregnant” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Stefon Pregnant SNL

By Michael Lewittes


Stefon Pregnant SNL


Stefon returned to “SNL” when Bill Hader hosted Saturday’s show, and immediately commented on how the new “Weekend Update” anchors are white (Colin Jost) and black (Michael Che), saying, “one of each” and calling them “Barack” and “Mitt.”

He explained that his husband Seth Meyers was at home “practicing how to sit behind a desk.”

Stefon then mentioned a few of the hottest clubs in New York, including one where “dumb folks [go] looking to get murdered.” That club, as he noted, “has everything,” including, “astebestos, lupus, and Dan Cortese,” and even a “doorman who always hi-fives children of divorce.” Several of the clubs highlighted by Stefon hilariously featured former MTV host Dan Cortese as an attraction.

Another nightspot Stefan recommended is located “where Donald Trump Jr.’s chin should have been.” He explained, “This wealthy wack shack opened its doors in the two hours between when Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. Needless to say this place has everything.” Stefan went on to name skunks, key fobs, Cookie Crisp and, of course, Dan Cortese as the main attractions. At the end of his appearance, Stefon announced, “I’m pregnant!” Note: The video is no longer available.

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