Shailene Woodley, Nick Jonas, Nicole Richie + More Stars Share 2015 New Year’s Resolutions – WATCH VIDEO!

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Shailene Woodley Celebrity New Years Resolutions

By Michael Lewittes


Shailene Woodley Celebrity New Years Resolutions


Shailene Woodley, Nick Jonas, Nicole Richie, Sam Smith, Scott Foley, Jerry Seinfeld and more stars share their 2015 New Year’s resolutions in a new video for NBC’s Texas affiliate KGNS.

“I am not a New Year’s resolution person, I am a New Year’s evolution person,” Woodley explains in the clip. “You don’t need to fix anything, just keep evolving it.” Smith notes, “My New Year’s resolution is to just try and stay sane and not end up in rehab!” Foley, who welcomed his third child in November, admits that he doesn’t want any more babies in 2015. “You know what? No more kids, how ’bout that? Yeah, I wonder if i can keep that.”

Meanwhile, Jonas vows to take up another language. “My New Year’s resolution this year is to learn how to speak Spanish,” he says. “That’s a big goal, so we will see if I get to that. Un poquito?” Yvette Nicole Brown, who stars on “Community,” notes, “What I do is I just make a decision throughout the year to try to be kinder, to give more, to be healthier, and those are things that you can start at any time of the year. It just doesn’t have to be just January 1.” And model Hailey Baldwin says, “New Year’s resolution? It wouldn’t be a resolution. It would kind of just be to keep on pressing on with work and keep focused on that.”

Seinfeld adds, “If I have something to change, I change it right then. I change it that day. I don’t wait for New Year’s. If you wait for New Year’s, you’re not going to do it. As for Nicole Richie, she can’t think of a resolution. “New Year’s resolutions?” she says. “I mean, there is just nothing wrong with me! I don’t know!” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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