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Star Sundances Around the Truth with Kristen Stewart & Orlando Bloom

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By Michael Lewittes



“Orlando Cheating with Kristen” screams the headline of an article in the Star.

The tabloid is, of course, referring to Orlando Bloom and “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart.

According to the mag, “Orlando Bloom didn’t look like he was missing girlfriend Miranda Kerr, who was in St. Bart’s, while shamelessly flirting with Kristen Stewart at the Sundance Film Festival.”

The Star claims Stewart was celebrating with friends at a joint in Sundance when “Orlando came over to congratulate her, and the chemistry was explosive!”


Wait, it gets worse.

After allegedly moving to a private table, reports the Star, “Orlando grabbed her hand, and she was touching his chest. Things were intense.”

Yes. So much worse…

After leaving the bar, the Star claims, “They hooked up that night at a condo Kristen rented. She said it was wild, and she’d love to do it again!”

Minor point: Stewart didn’t rent a condo in Sundance.

Major point: This NEVER happened.

Stewart and Bloom did not hook up, sources close to the situation (and no, we’re not talking about the dude from Jersey Shore) assure Gossip Cop.


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