Controversial Spider-Woman Cover Gets Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Parody (PHOTOS)

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Spider Woman Butt Cover

By Shari Weiss


Spider Woman Butt Cover


Was the new Spider-Woman comic cover inspired by Nicki Minaj?

Probably not, but there is an uncanny — and kind of uncomfortable — resemblance between the new art for Spider-Woman #1 and the rapper’s NSFW “Anaconda” video.

Designed by Milo Manara, the cover image features Spider-Woman (alternate name: Jessica Drew) down on all fours with her legs spread and butt high in the air.

While the pose does (somewhat) look like a classic Spider-Man climbing/landing position, many have commented that it’s also bizarrely sexual. Now there’s a parody cover depicting Minaj from her sexually-charged “Anaconda” video as the web slinger.

For the record, the Manara version will be used as an alternate cover — there is a much tamer standard edition.


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