Soulja Boy Gets Slammed Over Codeine Pictures

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates


Soulja Boy is getting backlash for posting glamorized images of codeine cough syrup just days after Lil Wayne was hospitalized, allegedly after misusing the drug.

In the Instagram shots (see below), the rapper shows pot along with bottles of promethazine, an ingredient in the popular “sizzurp” that’s been linked to a number of high-profile performers.

“Make that work, work. Make the sh*t flip,” Soulja Boy captions one of the pictures.

But many of his fans are less than amused.

Countless commenters are hammering Soulja Boy for peddling and romanticizing the use of a substance that can prove incredibly dangerous if not properly used.

A sampling of recent responses to his codeine pics:

“You’ve been irrelevant 4 a minute so u just tryna get some publicity aka shine while lil Wayne n the news for allegedly almost od’ng on this#idiotboy.”

“So you think your ‘cool’ because your addicted to drugs? Work on your rapping skills before you have a seizure.”

“You are a dumb a** and you are going to end up dead behind this sh*t. We don’t give a sh*t @ you. We trying to save Wayne!”

What do you think of Soulja Boy’s codeine photos?



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