Sofia Vergara: I Got A Perfect Score On My U.S. Citizenship Test – WATCH VIDEO!

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Sofia Vergara Jimmy Kimmel Live U.S. Citizenship

By Michael Lewittes


Sofia Vergara Jimmy Kimmel Live U.S. Citizenship


Sofia Vergara revealed on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she’s not only now American, but also that she got a perfect score on her U.S. citizenship test, telling the late-night host that it was an “emotional moment” when she was finally granted her residence.

“I didn’t know that you went through the official process of becoming an American Citizen,” noted Kimmel. “That’s good news for us.” Vergara responded, “You thought I was here illegal? I mean I couldn’t be illegal and show my face on national TV. I mean I would have to be low key.”

Vergara said she had to jump through hoops throughout the process “because they have to make sure that you deserve to be part of the country.” She explained, “The most interesting thing for me was they give you like a hundred questions that you have to learn, and then they give you a quiz, like a test, and then you swear you are going to fight for the United States.” When Kimmel asked Vergara if she was “planning to fight for the United States,” she joked, “I’m ready.” He noted, “I don’t think there would be any fights if you were involved.”

Vergara went on to say that it was “a very emotional moment” for her. “It took me a lot of time to get my residence even though I was working here for a long time,” she said. “But it was fun, and I got all my questions perfect.” The actress also dished about celebrating Thanksgiving and meeting her idol, Sophia Loren. Check out the videos below and tell us what you think!

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