CLAIM: Sofia Vergara Still Stuck On Nick Loeb As She And Joe Manganiello Date

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Nick Loeb Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello

By Daniel Gates

Nick Loeb Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello

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Sofia Vergara is not over Nick Loeb, and it’s complicating her relationship with Joe Manganiello, claims Star.

The magazine’s source says, “Sofia and Joe were together for three weeks before she called off her engagement. Nick doesn’t know this, but she and Joe started hooking up shortly after they met at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on May 3.”

(It’s so helpful that this “quote” included the date! What a natural-sounding soundbite!)

Vergara still “hasn’t completely let go of her ex,” says Star.

“The calls between them haven’t stopped,” says the tabloid’s insider. “She truly believed that Nick was the love of her life, so it’s been hard to completely cut him out. He’s always had a hold on her.”

Wow, so is Vergara still hung up on Loeb?

Has the magazine that’s repeatedly made up sensational stories about the actress turned over a new leaf?

No and no.

A source close to Vergara tells Gossip Cop the Star report about Loeb allegedly casting a shadow over her relationship with Manganiello is completely untrue.

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