Snooki Says She Knew She’d Be Famous, Talks Miley Cyrus & The Situation (VIDEO)

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By Shari Weiss



Snooki opens up about fame on Tuesday’s “Bethenny,” admitting that she “always” knew she’d be in the spotlight one day. “I just feel like I always thought I was going to be famous for being a dumba** and it happened,” she confesses, adding, “I am very blessed and the fact that people like me for being me is cool.”

Snooki says her take on fame — always be yourself — is why she loves Miley Cyrus. “She just does her [thing] and even though she’s a little raunchy and people don’t like it, that’s why I like her because she doesn’t care,” she tells Bethenny. “Like she could go out naked and be like, ‘Whatever, I’m naked.'”

As for some of Cyrus’ more controversial behavior in recent months, the reality star says, “I think she’s just going through a phase because I went through a phase where I wanted to be naked all the time when I shouldn’t have been because it was gross.” That’s not to say that Snooki would necessarily do anything differently. “I don’t regret anything because I feel like everything I went through in life made me who the person I am today,” she admits.

Snooki later reveals that she doesn’t like former co-star The Situation, alleging that his addiction problems date back to before their massive MTV series, and says “nobody has heard from him in years.” “Mike is like his own person, he lives in his own world and it’s hard for him to always reach out to people,” she says. “I hope he is doing well. Even though we aren’t friends, I always wish the best for him. He’s doing his own thing. He’s good.” Note: Video no longer available.

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