VIDEO: SNL Ad For Swiftamine, Combats Vertigo Caused By Loving Taylor Swift

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SNL Swiftamine

By Michael Lewittes


SNL Swiftamine


“SNL” aired a mock ad for a new medicine called Swiftamine, which helps adults combat vertigo brought on by hearing and even loving a Taylor Swift song.


The commercial had three vertigo sufferers saying they hadn’t experienced any symptom for years, because they were taking Dramamine, until they were listening to Spotify, iTunes and the radio and came across a new song they “loved” by Taylor Swift. One woman complained, “The whole room starting spinning,” while another guy said, “I felt nauseous. I don’t like Taylor Swift. I know I don’t.”

A doctor explained, “Over the last one month, realizing that you love Taylor Swift has become the leading cause of vertigo in adults. That’s why now there’s Swiftamine, the fast-acting antihistimen tablet that’s pink and bubbly, just like taylor herself.”

Then one dad said he didn’t want to go to a Swift concert with his daughters, but he did. The father recalled how he fell to the ground at the concert, slurring his words and those words were, “Girl can write a song,” adding, “Thank heck for Swiftamine!” Another woman, who was not a fan, found herself humming “Shake It Off.” She said, “I got so dizzy, I fell into traffic. ‘Thanks a lot Taylor. Just kidding, ‘You’re amazing!'”

The doctor further explained what the cause is. “Medically speaking,” he said, “when one of her songs forces your brain to fight your ears, your frontal lobe is like, ‘Oof, she’s always wearing like a 1950’s bathing suit, but your ears say, ‘Shut up! This is a perfect song.'”

He cautioned, “Taylor Swift onset vertigo can strike at anytime, any place,” which is why you need “Swiftamine, for when you realize you love Taylor Swift.”

Check out the funny video below, and tell us what you think.

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