VIDEO: SNL Accused Of Stealing Tina Turner Sketch From Groundlings

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SNL Stole Sketch Groundlings

By Daniel Gates


SNL Stole Sketch Groundlings


Did “Saturday Night Live” steal a sketch from The Groundlings comedy troupe? It certainly seems like it.

This weekend, “SNL” aired a bit called “River Sisters” in which three Tina Turner impersonators (played by host Sarah Silverman, Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata) perform “Proud Mary” while telling the audience at a riverboat casino all about the life decisions that brought them there.

“Actually, when I say I left a good job, I really did leave a really good job,” Strong said in the sketch. “Not only did I leave it, I burned that bridge to the ground.” She continued, “I worked at Google. I chose to Google doodle. One day I saw this ad for an audition for a river cruise and I thought ‘This is my moment!’ I went to the audition, nailed it. I guess I was so high on the adrenaline from nailing that audition that I marched into Google and I quit my job such a mean way. I said see you later F-words, the gay one.” It’s a funny idea — and very similar to one that Groundlings members Kimberly Condict and Vanessa Ragland already spent weeks performing on stage all summer.

After the “SNL” broadcast, Condict tweeted, “#SNL just totally jacked our steez!! #flattered?” Ragland posted the duo’s original video, tweeting, “Like the Tina Turner sketch on #snl last night? You’ll LOVE this funnier/OG version I wrote w/ @kimberlycondict.” Hmm.

Check out one of the videos below, and tell us what you think.


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