WATCH: SNL Spoofs Shark Tank With Pitch From ISIS For Investment (VIDEO)

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By Michael Lewittes


SNL Shark Tank ISIS


“Shark Tank” was perfectly parodied on “SNL,” with members of ISIS looking for an investment. Two of the terrorists began with how a few years ago they started as a “small hateful perversion of Islam,” but have since “grown into a multinational brand.” They said their problem now is “ISIS is growing too fast, our resources are spread too thin, and we need your experience to help manage our growth.” The ISIS terrorists were seeking a $400 million investment for a 1 percent stake in their organization, and ended their pitch with “Who’s ready to invest in crushing the West?”


Mark Cuban noted that was a $40 billion valuation, and asked how they got to that figure, to which they replied that they make $5 million a day from stolen oil. Cuban was impressed.

Barbara Corcoran expressed that she didn’t like their pamphlet and felt it was confusing because they said they were “ISIS,” but their brochure said “ISIL” (the terrorist organization’s alternate name).

Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful,” asked, “What so great about you Islamic State? What’s stopping me from going out there and doing the same thing?” And Daymond John asked how they’ve grown so fast, to which they said, “A crack social media team and good old fashion word of bullet.” They then tried to entice John by offering to make his FUBU company “the official retailer of the Islamic State.”

When Cuban said he was out, two terrorist pulled guns on him. Corcoran then griped about their logo, prompting the ISIS members to unveil their new logo with the Geico gecko. “It takes more than a logo,” said O’Leary, who announced, “I’m out.” “May you be burned to death with dogs,” they told O’Leary.

Next, Corcoran announced she too was out. She said, “I like you guys. You’re savvy. Your numbers are amazing, but there’s only one thing holding me back, and that’s everything you stand for.” They cursed her: “May you only have daughters.”

But Damon told them, “I knew I was gonna money with you guys the second you walked into the Tank today, because that’s when I called Homeland Security to collect your $30 million bounty.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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