SNL Spoofs Love Actually In Cut Sketch: Amy Adams Cracks Up (VIDEO)

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SNL Love Actually

By Daniel Gates


SNL Love Actually


“Saturday Night Live” cut a Love Actually spoof from this week’s show due to time constraints. In a parody of a famous scene from that movie, “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson comes to Amy Adams’ house, holding up signs to express his true feelings for her. Check out the video below!

In the original Love Actually scene, Andrew Lincoln expresses his love for Keira Knightley by silently flashing a series of sweet, romantic messages on cue cards. In the “SNL” version, Davidson is a bit… creepier. His loving tribute to Adams definitely takes some decidedly non-cliche turns you won’t find in many romantic comedies.

Davidson is very fixated on meat (including ham and hot dogs) and reveals that he first fell in love with Adams while watching her through a locker room peep hole. Davidson also admits that he’s scared of skeletons, and that his father was the voice of the (non-talking) dog in Beethoven.

Adams starts to laugh at a couple points in the sketch, especially after Davidson touchingly reveals, “Listen, Amy. I love your eyes… your dimples… that little hole between your butt cheeks.” Does Davidson ultimately manage to steal the five-time Oscar nominee from her husband? Check out the video below, and find out!

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