‘SNL’ Introduces “Hands-Free Selfie Stick” – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Hands Free Selfie Stick

By Michael Lewittes


SNL Hands Free Selfie Stick


“SNL” mocked selfie sticks with a fake ad for the new “Hands-Free Selfie Stick” that you hold up from inside your butt. Watch the video below.

Cast members Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and “SNL” guest host Amy Schumer were among those who made fun of selfie sticks, with a new product that “frees up your hands” while taking photos of oneself. The “hands-free” selfie stick is inserted into one’s behind, and all one needs to do, according to the ad, is “just flinch” and it takes a picture.

It began with Bryant saying self-sticks are great, “but I wish I didn’t have to hold it up the whole time.” That’s when Bayer gives her a “hands-free” selfie stick, which Bryant likes but painfully notes, “It’s really, really up my butt.”

Schumer, Bryan, Bayer and Mooney are then seen in New York’s Central Park taking pictures of themselves hands-free. When Bayer says to Schumer they should smile and pose for a photo, Schumer, who has the device up her butt, asks, “It takes pictures?” Schemer later says, “I can barely feel it anymore.”

Check out video below of the fake ad for the “Hands-Free-Selfie-Stick” on “SNL,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

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