WATCH: SNL Cut This Sketch About The Ferguson Protests

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SNL Ferguson

By Daniel Gates


SNL Ferguson


“Saturday Night Live” cut a sketch about the Ferguson protests from the live broadcast over the weekend. In the video, which is now online, Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson play the co-hosts of an upbeat St. Louis morning show who are mortified about having to be cheerful and frivolous in light of the upsetting, serious news dominating their community.

The co-hosts ask if they can just show a rerun instead of doing a live episode, but are forced to go through the motions of morning show banter during horrible circumstances. There are some unfortunate moments of poor phrasing (Strong’s character pronounces the Black Keys as “blackies”) and awkwardness (Thompson’s anchor tries to distract everyone by announcing he drives a Pontiac Vibe).

The centerpiece of the sketch involves James Franco, playing a chef on a book tour. His name? Darrel Wilson, which is uncomfortably close to the name of a certain police officer in Ferguson. It’s especially cringeworthy when, while discussing his award-winning frittata, Wilson announces, “Who am I to argue with a grand jury?”

Also featured in the sketch is a black traffic reporter played by Leslie Jones, who decides to use her helicopter to flee Ferguson for Chicago. It’s an interesting premise for how to deal with the tense situation in a comedy sketch. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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