VIDEO: Dakota Johnson Enters New Fifty Shades Darker Playroom In Cut SNL Sketch

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SNL Cut Sketch Fifty Shades Darker

By Daniel Gates


SNL Cut Sketch Fifty Shades Darker


In an “SNL” sketch that was cut for time this past weekend, host Dakota Johnson reprised her role as Anastasia Steele for an amusing fake look at Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. The “Saturday Night Live” bit revolved around Christian Grey (Kyle Mooney) showing Steele the new sex playroom he’s having built. Watch the video below.

The joke is that Grey’s new room is still under construction, so he and Steele are forced to have some awkward interactions with contractors who know a little too much about their sex lives. “So nice to finally put a face to the measurements,” one of the workers tells Steele.

There’s the requisite talk about floggers, whips, “dildies,” ball gags, booty beads, leather masks, weiner holes, spank boards, choke stools, shame blankets, sex drills, sex swings, punishers… all pretty standard stuff.

We’re not sure how to check this, but Gossip Cop has a feeling “New Playroom” may break the “Saturday Night Live” record for number of sex toys in a single sketch. Regardless, it’s eye-opening. We wonder if the real Fifty Shades of Grey sequel will have sufficient weiner holes. Watch the cut “SNL” video below, and tell us what you think.

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