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Smoking out a false alarm about Rebecca Gayheart

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By Michael Lewittes


A number of media outlets have been huffing and puffing over a picture that popped up today featuring a reportedly pregnant Rebecca Gayheart smoking a cigarette yesterday. posted the picture of Gayheart with the headline, “Rebecca Gayheart: Smoking While Preggers.” To add flame to the fire, the site went on to say, “With all of the medical advances and prenatal knowledge we have at this day and age, you’d think Rebecca Gayheart would abstain from smoking now that she’s pregnant.  But you’d be wrong.”

Actually, and other sites like them are wrong. (Not the part about smoking and being pregnant. That’s still wrong.) While there are several real photos of Gayheart shopping yesterday at L.A.’s Bristol Farms Market, the picture of her driving with a smoke in her mouth is OLD.

When we contacted Gayheart’s rep, Gossip Cop was exclusively told that the photo is “100 percent old, she hasn’t smoked in months.”

An email we sent to to explain the old photo has yet to be answered.

Hopefully this bad rumor will now also go up in smoke.


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