Sky Ferreira: “I Support Terry Richardson,” He Did Not “Manipulate” Lady Gaga

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By Michael Lewittes

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Sky Ferreira defends Terry Richardson in a lengthy Facebook message.

Richardson, who is embroiled in sexual assault allegations, recently faced more controversy when a graphic and disturbing Lady Gaga music video that he directed leaked.

Now, Ferreira is opening up about her experiences with the photographer and video director.

Ferreira says, “As someone who has worked very closely with Terry Richardson on many many many occasions since I was 17 years old I would like to say… from my OWN personal experience: I have never been forced or manipulated into anything.”

She adds, “I made a music video with him and I have never felt uncomfortable with Terry & had 99 percent of the creative control. This was before I was ‘famous.'”

And Ferreira does not believe that Richardson deserves blame for the Lady Gaga video, arguing, “Allegations are one thing but completely blaming the director isn’t fair aka the Lady Gaga video. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a ‘role model’ or not, it’s your responsibility to be AWARE of what you’re doing.”

“I’m not against/doubting people that have said they’ve encountered things with him (it’s not my place to say so) but the media acting as if Terry Richardson manipulated Lady Gaga into making a video about getting touched by R-Kelly or whatever is a whole other thing. She is 28 year old woman & fully capable/aware of what she was doing. If she wants to do it is HER choice,” clarifies Ferreira.

As for her personal relationship with Richardson, she says, “Terry has only been a supportive & caring friend to me for a long time,” and insists, “There are many reasons & FACTS why I support Terry Richardson that the media (basically) refuses to acknowledge.”

She adds, “Basically if one more person has the nerve to ask/tell me that I’ve f**ked Terry Richardson, I will slit their f**king throat.”

Check out Ferriera’s full message below, and tell us what you think.

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