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Sites wrongly claims Gerard Butler is into both Jennifer Aniston AND Kate Hudson

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By Michael Lewittes


“Gerard Butler Isn’t Just Into YOU, Jennifer Aniston — He Likes Kate Hudson, Too!” begins another one of those full of speculation yet devoid of facts stories from HollywoodLife.

The site claims, “The buzz is that The Bounty Hunter co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are sparking off some serious chemistry,” then adds, “But we urge you not to peg the pair as an exclusive couple just yet. Why? Gerard has eyes for someone else: Kate Hudson!”

We’ll stop right there.

First, as Gossip Cop previously reported, not only aren’t they an “exclusive couple,” they aren’t a “couple” at all.

So what’s the site’s big proof that Butler is into Hudson?

HollywoodLife says it “caught the Scottish star checking out Kate’s bumpin’ backside while she was doing an on-camera interview.”

Wait… the reason Butler and Hudson may be on is that he looked at her butt?

Instead of Gossip Cop noting how obviously absurd this story is, we’ll quote Butler’s rep, who said, “They got it wrong.”

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