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Sites Stir Rumors Jesse James Got Mistress #2 Pregnant

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By Daniel Gates


One of our least favorite developments in gossip is the tendency of sites to invent painful rumors only to be “sympathetic” to its victims. Here’s the perfect example.

Sandra Bullock has been through a miserable two weeks.

Scandalized hubby Jesse James apologized for alleged infidelities that threatened her family life. Also, only days after winning an Oscar, she found herself tied to news stories featuring Bombshell McGee, a woman with an affinity for Nazi regalia. Her husband’s porn star ex is fighting again for custody of six-year-old daughter Sunny. And clueless outlets reported that she “skipped” the Kids’ Choice Awards… when she’d never planned to go in the first place.

The site responsible for that last bit of misinformation,, today decides to heap some more suffering onto Bullock, because, apparently, she hasn’t had enough.

“Could Jesse James Have Gotten Alleged Mistress #2 Melissa Smith Preggers?” shrieks the headline above a photo of stripper and onetime James paramour Smith exiting a store today, pregnancy test in hand. “Could Jesse be the potential father if Melissa is pregnant? We hope not!”

The photo originated with, which broaches the subject of a possible James-Smith “love child,” but also acknowledges that Smith herself claims the relationship ended in March 2009. Which, if you’re scoring at home, was twelve months ago.

Reportedly, Smith has been in contact with James since then, but she’s given no indication that the sexual relationship continued. And she hasn’t exactly been shy or evasive when it comes to discussing the affair.

HollywoodLife, though, dives headfirst into the salacious possibility that Smith is “preggers” by James. “We can’t help but wonder if [Smith] is potentially carrying Jesse’s child,” announces the site, even though, well, they can “help but wonder.”

As soon as it finishes stirring alarm, the outlet reaches out to soothe Bullock: “Sandy, you’ve been so strong, hang in there!”

Gossip Cop hopes Bullock is staying strong during this period. We’re not sure that spreading the theory her husband impregnated a woman with whom he allegedly stopped sleeping a full year ago does much to help.

“Could things get any worse for Sandy?” HollywoodLife wonders aloud.

We have a feeling sites will do what they can to raise the odds.

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