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Site turns Kristen Stewart good deed into a cheap shot and night of partying

Truth rating: 3

By Michael Lewittes


Kristen Stewart Says She’s Anti-Social – So Why Is She Hosting a Huge Party in LA?” asks HollywoodLife in a headline.

Well, actually, she’s not “hosting” a “party” tonight.

But it wasn’t just the headline that was wrong. In the first sentence of the Stewart piece, HollywoodLife makes two significant reporting errors.

The opening line reads, “The Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart is certainly no party girl – so we were shocked to hear that she’d be hosting a big bash at Hollywood’s hotly anticipated new nightclub, La Vida, Feb. 12.”

Mistake #1: Though promotional materials incorrectly labeled Stewart as a “host,” she’s actually just attending the event. She’s not greeting people. She’s not making a speech. She’s simply attending as a guest. And it’s a fundraiser for Haiti relief, not a “big bash.”

Mistake #2: La Vida is a new restaurant/lounge, where food is served. It is not a “nightclub” (and Stewart’s going at 8 p.m.).

A Stewart confidante, who was a bit annoyed by the mischaracterization of the place and the description of Stewart’s participation, reiterated to Gossip Cop, “She’s simply attending an event at a restaurant that’s raising money for Haiti, not a club opening.”

And then not leaving bad enough alone, HollywoodLife focuses more on the “club” aspect and not nearly enough on the charitable reason Stewart is going — Haiti relief.

The site even snipes, “Just one word of advisory to you, K-Stew. We certainly hope this is your first and last club promo appearance. You don’t want to turn into the next Lindsay Lohan, do you?”

Wrong on all counts!

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