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Site totally wrong about Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas encounter on the red carpet

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By Michael Lewittes


HollywoodLife has done it again — fabricating drama, where there never was any in the first place.

The blog ran a headline, “EXCLUSIVE! Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift’s Awkward Red Carpet Encounter,” followed by the sentence, “We could feel the tension on the red carpet!”

Well, that story is “exclusive,” because no one else saw an “awkward red carpet encounter” at Clive Davis annual pre-Grammys party. And it’s interesting the site reports that it “could feel the tension,” because a source on the scene says HollywoodLife’s reporter was “so far away” from Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, they could barely see the meeting at all.

Making it more hilarious, HollywoodLife writes,We tried to read their lips, but (sic) too distracted by their obvious body language: She kept her arms crossed while they hugged, then exchanged words in an obviously unnerving conversation while Joe kept his hands in his pockets… There’s no love lost between these two.”

While places like HollywoodLife report what they “feel,” and what they think they saw from afar, having “tried to read their lips,” Gossip Cop can tell you exactly what went down.

Multiple sources tell Gossip Cop the encounter was 100 percent friendly.

And one Gossip Cop source, who was less than a foot away, noted they hugged and their conversation was “very cordial. They’re fine. They talked for a few minutes,” adding, “it was not awkward.”

Only HollywoodLife should feel pretty awkward for such an inaccurate story.

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