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Site Must Be Ripped with Gerard Butler Jeans Story

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By Michael Lewittes


Gerard Butler Is One Loyal Guy… At Least When It Comes To His Wardrobe!” exclaims HollywoodLife.

Brace yourselves.

The accuracy-challenged site goes on to state, “He may not be able to commit to one lady, but that isn’t the case with his fave pair of jeans!”


According to HollywoodLife, Butler “loves re-wearing his fave pair of jeans over and over again,” adding, “On three different occasions, March 17, 21, and 31, Gerard turned up sporting his PRPS Barracuda jeans.”

We have a hard enough time understanding HollywoodLife’s big blunders, like the site’s claim that Kim Kardashian is doing a dating show, but this story required nothing more than looking at the pictures.

As opposed to HollywoodLife’s contention that Butler wore his “fave pair of jeans” on “three different occasions,” the jeans on the far right — with the hole on the left pant leg — are clearly different from the other two jeans.

And the first and second pair are two different colors.

HollywoodLife says the jeans have experience “wear and tear” but usually the older jeans get the lighter they become – not darker.


Well, the story is completely wrong, but we do hope the site’s staffers score some free Barracuda jeans out of it.


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