“Sister Wives” Going to Court to Fight Polygamy Law – What Do You Think?

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By Daniel Gates


Kody Brown, the star of TLC‘s reality series “Sister Wives,” is set to challenge Utah’s polygamy law.

The polygamist Browns, a family that includes four wives and 16 children, plan to go to court on Wednesday to protect themselves from possible prosecution.

Their lawsuit will not demand state recognition of polygamous marriage; instead, the Browns are challenging Utah’s right to punish consenting adults for their “intimate conduct,” and requesting equal treatment with other citizens.

Brown is only legally wed to one of the four women.

But in Utah, it’s a crime “if a married person purports to marry or cohabits with another person.”

As members of the Mormon offshoot Apostolic United Brethren Church, the Browns are arguing that they should be allowed to conduct their family life free of interference, as long as they don’t break other laws (such as child abuse or seeking multiple marriage licenses).

Essentially, the family is challenging the state’s right to punish them for plural marriage alone.

“We only wish to live our private lives according to our beliefs,” Brown said in a statement.

Obviously, this is a controversial issue.

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