Sinead O’Connor EXPLODES After The American Music Awards Allegedly Wanted Her To Appear With Pope Francis

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Sinead O'Connor Pope Francis American Music Awards

By Shari Weiss

Sinead O'Connor Pope Francis American Music Awards

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Sinead O’Connor has gone on an epic rant against Dick Clark Productions and the American Music Awards after they allegedly wanted her to appear at this year’s show with none other than Pope Francis.

The controversial singer writes on her website that she was originally invited to perform at the November ceremony, singing her classic “Nothing Compares To U,” before seguing into “Take Me To Church.” O’Connor claims that the company said they needed to get approval from the network first, and were contemplating pairing her with a contemporary singer.

O’Connor says she was ultimately told the idea was passed on — because, unbeknownst to her originally, “It was decided that it would be ‘A great hook’ to ask Pope Francis to appear with me.” Yes, you read that correctly. Dick Clark Productions allegedly wanted the woman who once ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul on “Saturday Night Live” to now perform on live television with the current pope.

According to O’Connor, the idea never made it to company’s CEO, and, even more bizarrely, the attempt to enlist the Pope was made via… Twitter. She writes, “Since naturally their idea was not only disrespectful to the pope and to millions of catholics (The idea he ought consider lowering his feet into the disgusting world of show business and celebrity at all! Never mind with Sinead O’Connor) they didn’t get a response and consequently I’m now not doing the show.”

Recalling the conversation she had with the Dick Clark Productions exec, O’Connor snipes, “I ask him how they thought they’d manage the Pope’s security at such an event. Silence. Tumbleweed. His little brain hadn’t got round to that part yet. It can only cope with 140 characters at a time. F*ck sake.”

“Like twenty-f*cking five wars and all manner of hell loose in the world and this idiot is gonna fly the Pope to the Ama’s to potentially get shot by whomever bumped off Biggie and fuckin’ Tupac,” says the songstress. She goes on to write, “I never heard anything so warped and disrespectful to both the Pope and myself, as well as millions of catholics (As well as my fans, with whom I have some f*cking street cred, thanks, and integrity) in my life.”

Wow. Of course, this is just O’Connor’s side of the story. The American Music Awards, without O’Connor and the Pope, will air on ABC on November 23.

O’Connor’s full post can be read in its entirety at, and you can watch her infamous “SNL” moment below.

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