Rumor Mill Now (Wrongly) Links Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller Robert Pattinson


Earlier this week came overheated reports that Sienna Miller was eager to strike up a “friendship” with Robert Pattinson. The rumor apparently originated with Miller hanging around Pattinson pal Tom Sturridge and supposedly being “keen to get to know hunk Robert.”

“I think she’s been texting Rob regularly,” claims a so-called “insider.” When tabloid “sources” can only muster the confidence to “think” something is true, it’s a pretty good indication that it’s not. Either way, it wasn’t long before other outlets inflated the non-story into: “Is Sienna Miller Trying to Steal Robert Pattinson?”

According to the newly exaggerated rumors, Miller “has been doing some serious flirty texting” with Pattinson and might be “trying to create a Robenna.” So they’ve created a supposed romance from these “friendship” rumors? “Now where does little ol’ Kristen Stewart stand in this love triangle that Sienna is trying so hard to form,” wonders one site.

Oh, please. It’s the rumor mill that’s “trying so hard to form” an alleged love triangle here. Miller recently split (again) with Jude Law. Apparently, being British and single is enough to make her a supposedly “serious” threat to “steal” Pattinson. Like countless previous fictional relationship crises for Stewart and Pattinson, this one is just junk.

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