VIDEO: Kristen Wiig Wigs Out With Maddie Ziegler For Sia’s “Chandelier” at Grammys

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Sia Kristen Wiig Video

By Daniel Gates


Sia Kristen Wiig Video


Sia did her usual hiding during a performance of “Chandelier” at the Grammys, staying turned to a wall and letting young dancer pal Maddie Ziegler and an unexpected Kristen Wiig go wild with an interpretive dance. Watch the video below!

There were wigs and leotards aplenty as Ziegler and Wiig moved to the music. The song has been ubiquitous over the past year, as have spoofs and variations on the now-iconic music video featuring a wigged Ziegler dancing. Somehow, the Grammy Awards managed to find a new angle, bringing in Wiig to do weird Wiig things.

Were funny faces made? Did Wiig hit herself in the head? Were bodies awkwardly thrown against walls? Was the apartment setting on the stage made to look like a giant mess? Yes, yes, yes and yes! It was quite the spectacle. Also, it was introduced by Shia LaBeouf, who read from a love poem written by a fan before turning things over to Sia. It was touching and odd, just like the performance to follow. Watch the Sia-Maddie Ziegler-Kristen Wiig rendition of “Chandelier” from the Grammy Awards below, and tell us what you think.

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