CLAIM: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Out of Control, Bullies Siblings, Has Gender Issues

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine split its cover story this week between bizarre claims about Suri Cruise (which Gossip Cop already examined) and equally weird allegations about another 6-year-old girl — Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. According to the tabloid, little Shiloh is more than just a “rough-and-tumble tomboy” who emulates dad Brad Pitt with a short haircut and male clothes.

“Shiloh considers herself a boy,” a so-called “source” close to the family tells the magazine. Star claims Shiloh has no boundaries, supposedly bullying her sisters by chasing them with a collection of dead spiders and sometimes hitting her siblings with shoes. Jolie-Pitt is said to be obsessed with tarantulas, have “shockingly bad” table manners and a penchant for violence. “If she gets a bloody knee, she acts like it’s a medal of honor,” says a so-called “insider,” adding, “She loves getting bloody.” Um… OK.

The magazine consults a child psychologist who’s never met Shiloh Jolie-Pitt but confidently says, “Only having boy haircuts, wanting to be a boy — that’s more than being a tomboy. It’s closer to a gender-identity problem.” We’re not sure why the tabloids feel the need to obsess Shiloh’s tomboy style, going so far as to allege that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s mom Jane have wedding-threatening fight over it, but it’s always grossly sensationalized. There have also been incessant stories about how out of control Jolie and Pitt’s children supposedly are, with various siblings labeled “bullies” at different times, when, really, they’re just acting like typical brothers and sisters that age.

Last January, Star wrongly reported that Pitt and Jolie were “on the verge of a split.” Now, the same publication wants us to believe that it has inside information on the psychology of their six-year-old daughter. If anything is likely to cause mental confusion for Shiloh, Suri Cruise and other kids who didn’t ask to be celebrities, it’s having their faces splashed across magazine covers and their inner lives analyzed by complete strangers. Enough.

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