Shia LaBeouf Speaks Out: Everything I’ve Been Doing Is “Performance Art”

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By Daniel Gates

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Shia LaBeouf has declared that his endless plagiarism and apology spectacle was “performance art.”

The combative actor, who head-butted a bar patron this week, posted two lengthy statements on Twitter on Saturday, using the hashtag #StopCreating and the title “Twitter As Art” (see below).

He explains, “Performance art has been a way of appealing directly to a large public, as well as shocking audiences into reassessing their own notions of art and its relation to culture.”

According to LaBeouf, his Twitter handle @TheCampaignBook represents “meta-modernist performance art.”

“All art is either plagarisum (sic) or revolution & to be revolutionary in art today, is to be reactionary. In the midst of being embroiled in acts of intended plagiarism, the world caught me & I reacted,” claims the actor.

He continues, “The show began. I became completely absorbed, oblivious to things around me.”

It goes on from there, with LaBeouf taking credit for starting a “broad cultural discussion that needs to be had about plagiarism in the digital age & celebrity/social media absurdity.”

The star then posted a long list of “Performance a#RT” tenets.

He concluded by tweeting, “#StopHeadButting.”

Take a look at LaBeouf’s statements below, and tell us what you think.

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