CLAIM: Sherri Shepherd “Seething” Over Jenny McCarthy, May Leave The View

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By Shari Weiss

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Sherri Shepherd is secretly seething about her sexy new ‘View’ co-star Jenny McCarthy — fearing she’s turning off viewers with her bawdy humor and wild lifestyle,” claims the National Enquirer. A so-called “source” tells the supermarket tabloid, “Sherri and Jenny are like oil and water. They don’t mix. Sherri thinks Jenny’s bawdiness is a bit too much.”

“Bawdiness?” Who’s the magazine’s source — a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company? Anyway, the Enquirer “source” notes, “They make nice for the cameras, but they just don’t see eye to eye on many issues like Sherri and Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] did.” The tab goes on to claim that Shepherd “never got over the departure of Hasselbeck,” believes McCarthy is a “poor replacement,” and “may be nearing the end of her rope.” “Sherri always said she would stay on ‘The View’ as long as it was fun,” says the outlet’s so-called “insider,” “but the show isn’t the same for her any longer.” “She’s thinking it may be time for her to go,” adds the Enquirer tipster.

For real? NO! First off, Shepherd and McCarthy worked together many times long before she was hired as an official co-host on “The View.” The notion that she is only just now realizing how much she dislikes the fellow comedienne is ridiculous — and bogus. Regardless, a source close to the show tells Gossip Cop the pair “get along great,” and the Enquirer’sclaim that Shepherd is thinking of leaving are “not true.”

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Sherri Shepherd might leave “The View” because she is seething over Jenny McMarthy.

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