Sharon Stone Gets Restraining Order After Man Believing He’s Hillary Clinton’s Son Breaks into Her Home

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By Michael Lewittes

Sharon Stone

(Getty Images)

Sharon Stone just obtained a restraining order against a man who broke into her house and believes he’s Hillary Clinton‘s son. According to court papers, Bradly Gooden traveled across country from Ohio to California, where he broke into Stone’s home on February 11. Throughout the filing, Gooden is referred to as an “obsessed mentally unstable delusional person,” who Stone believes “poses a credible threat of violence and imminent danger” to herself and her children.

After the police found Gooden “laying-in-wait inside the house,” he told the cops, “I’m Bobby Joe Clinton, son of Hillary Clinton,” and that his “mother” bought Stone’s home “as a present.” He added that it’s “now my house… I live here.” How awkward? Gooden also said he “wrote the script” for The King’s Speech when he was two-years-old, and that he’s an FBI agent. His story just gets better as it goes.

“Based on his delusional belief that [Stone’s] house was given to him as a present from Hillary Clinton,” read the court papers, “Gooden appears determined to return to… [Stone’s] house.” The guy should just give up. A judge granted the restraining order, and now Gooden can’t come within 100 yards of Stone, her kids or her home.

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