Sharon Osbourne Hopes Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Will Be A “Trainwreck”?

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By Shari Weiss



“As Kris Jenner gears up for her new talk show, there’s a catfight brewing between her and ‘The Talk’’s Sharon Osbourne,” claims Star.

According to an “insider” for the tab, “Sharon despises Kris — she thinks she’s pimped out her children to get money and fame.” “Sharon believes Kris’ talk show is going to bomb harder than Ricki Lake’s one-season flop,” alleges Star’s supposed source, “and she can’t wait for the trainwreck.” Ouch.

But the mag is quick to add that Jenner “has her own strong feelings about Sharon.” “Kris heard about Sharon’s ill feelings toward her and went ballistic, saying that Sharon has no room to talk because all she’s done is hang on her husband’s fame,” claims the same “source,” who apparently knows how both Jenner and Osbourne feel.

The so-called “insider” adds that “Kris keeps saying that nothing could be more boring than Sharon Osbourne — and ‘The Talk.'” That would be a decent burn… if Star’s story were even remotely true. The magazine seems determined to cast Jenner’s talk show in a bad light — before it even hits the air — after falsely claiming earlier this month that the Kardashian family matriarch couldn’t get celebs to appear on the show.

Like that tall tale, this one is similarly fabricated. A source close to Osbourne tells Gossip Cop of the tabloid’s report, “This is not true. Sharon only wishes [Jenner] the best.” If only Star did, too.

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