CLAIM: Shannon Woodward Trying to Date Robert Pattinson

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By Michael Lewittes



“After Robert Pattinsons flirty date with Katy Perry, now Katy’s best friend Shannon Woodward wants a piece of the sexy actor,” begins a piece from Now magazine, picking up on a report from the Daily Star.

According to a so-called “source” for the mag, “R-Pattz and Shannon have been getting really close.” (Sounds like a true Hollywood insider, referring to the actor by his tabloid nickname).

The supposed source claims, “She’s fancied him for years, but he’s always been dating Kristen when their paths crossed at social events.” “When their paths crossed at social events?” Um… they’ve been good friends for years. Anyway, the tabloid says that Woodward, who split from Andrew Garfield after a years-long relationship, “understands what Rob’s going through.” Now goes on to note, “If they’re both vying for Rob’s affections it doesn’t seem to have affected Shannon and Katy’s friendship, with the pair tweeting pics from a recent trip to Disneyland and even embarking on cooking lessons together.”

That’s because they’re NOT “vying” for Pattinson’s affections! Perry and Pattinson went out with a group of friends — she is not trying to “land” him romantically, as another incorrect report claimed. And Woodward similarly only considers Pattinson a friend — as she always has. The “Raising Hope” star slammed the rumors on Twitter today, writing in her signature wit, “FACTS: Crocs are not fashionable, Obama was born in the United States, and I am absolutely not trying to date Robert Pattinson.” As usual, the joke’s on the tabloids.

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