Shakira: I Can Put My Legs Over My Head!

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(Getty Images)

By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Shakira can put her legs over her head!

We learn that fun fact and more in the singer’s new Marie Claire interview.

Asked if she has a secret talent, Shakira reveals, “I’m double-jointed. I can put my legs over my head, which freaks people out.”

She also says, “I’m barefoot whenever I can be.”

Her pop cultural predilections might surprise some people.

She can’t miss “reruns of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and the song that puts her in a good mood is Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Shakira thinks people would be “surprised” to learn that she’s a “closet nerd” who loves “to study history and visit museums.”

As for superstitions, the performer admits, “No hats on the bed! It’s bad luck — ask any Colombian.”

What is the one thing she wishes she’d known when she was younger?

“Not to put so much pressure on myself and to have more fun,” says Shakira.

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