Shailene Woodley: I’ve Lost My Virginity Four Times In Movies (VIDEO)

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Shailene Woodley Epix

By Daniel Gates


Shailene Woodley Epix


Shailene Woodley opens up about her The Fault In Our Stars sex scene with Ansel Elgort during a new roundtable interview with other Oscar-contending actresses as part of the Epix series “Hollywood Sessions.” “I’ve lost my virginity four times now on screen,” says Woodley, who appears alongside Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Aniston, Emily Blunt and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

“You always see these virginity scenes, and they look beautiful, and you feel like it’s a great experience, and it’s sort of always not the case,” says Woodley. “And so I’m always keen on making sure it doesn’t seem like a glamorous experience.”

Speaking about The Fault In Our Stars, the actress says, “There’s something so sweet about it, because he has one leg, and she has this oxygen tube in her nose, [but] I feel like their love transcends the physical nature of who they are. And I think that was such a beautiful example for young adults out there. Sex doesn’t have to be this beautiful, glamorous situation… it’s really about love, and it’s really about connecting with someone.”

She also discussed how weird it was to film such a scene with Elgort, who portrays her brother in the Divergent series. Woodley recalls, “The first time I took my top off, and I’m sitting on top of him, he looked at me and goes, ‘This is kind of like a weird dream.'” Check out the video of Woodley talking about The Fault In Our Stars below, as well as clips featuring Aniston and Blunt.

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