Shailene Woodley Makes Pumpkin Explode, Shows Jimmy Fallon “Goth” Dance Moves

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Shailene Woodley Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss


Shailene Woodley Jimmy Fallon Video


Shailene Woodley and Jimmy Fallon made a pumpkin explode on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” Yes, you read that correctly.

In a new game called “Pumpkin Time Bomb,” the stars took a pumpkin that already had 190 rubber bands around it, and kept adding more and more until it went KABOOM! It was actually more suspenseful and nerve-wracking than it sounds, and even better when it was replayed in slow-motion.

Earlier in the show, Woodley amusingly taught Fallon “goth” dance moves. The actress showed the late-night host such moves as “clearing the cobwebs” and “stepping over the dead bodies.”

It was interesting, to say the least.

Check out the videos below!

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