Shailene Woodley: Time Twisted My Words On Feminism — LISTEN HERE!

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By Michael Lewittes


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Shailene Woodley clarified her comment to Time magazine that she wasn’t a feminist because she loves men in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio.

The actress explained, “Listen, I think the that word feminist is beautiful just in the same way that I think the word Democrat or Republican or whatever you are is beautiful, but any sort kind of label in my mind segregates.”

When asked if she thinks the word “feminism” means that you don’t love men, Woodley answered, “not at all.” “That was a journalist who decided to take what I said and cut things together in order to get her point across, so no not at all,” she continued. “That’s not the way I said it in the original interview, which is why it makes me laugh really hard.”

Woodley added, “For me, the big thing in life is about sisterhood… Bringing sisters together and supporting one another… What I found so funny and so sad about that article is that I talked about that the entire time.”

What do you think of Woodley’s explanation?

Check out the video below, to see what else she said!

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