Shailene Woodley: My New Health Obsession Is Bone Broth (VIDEO)

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By Minyvonne Burke


Shailene Woodley Bone Broth


Shailene Woodley is sharing some more of her unusual health tips, including her new obsession: bone broth. The actress tells MTV News the drink is “heaven.” She even tried to get a few of her Insurgent costars to try it, but not everyone was on board with drinking it. Check out the video below.

“I’m telling you, it is the sh*t,” says Woodley. “It’s everything.” So, how exactly does someone make bone broth? Woodley explains that it’s rather simple: All you do is brew bones from an animal in a crockpot with onions and garlic. Woodley’s costar Jai Courtney admits that he’s not interested in trying it, but confirms Woodley has “been on the bone broth for awhile.”

Octavia Spencer says she would be willing to taste it, as long as she didn’t know what it was before drinking it. When Ansel Elgort was asked if he would drink bone broth, the actor acknowledged that he’s a fan of bone marrow, and said he’s tried a few of Woodley’s other diet suggestions, including not eating so much meat. “Shailene says that I should stop eating four different types of meat in one meal,” he said. “That’s a very reasonable tip, so I have salad once a day, if I can.” Watch the video below, and tell us what you think about Woodley’s health tips?

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