Seth Rogen Slams “Weird” and “Stupid” MPAA Movie Ratings System

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By Daniel Gates

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Seth Rogen called at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings system on Saturday.

Appearing with his longtime creative partner Evan Goldberg at the Produced By Conference in Los Angeles, the Neighbors star assailed the organization’s much-debated rules for what can and cannot go into certain movies.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes him as saying the system “is so stupid, why play that game? Why even enter a system that stupid?”

“There’s nothing more frustrating than being on set and coming up with a joke and being told you can’t do it because it’s a PG movie,” explained Rogen. “It’s like boxing with your hands tied behind your back … because of some weird ratings structure.”

The star referred to his 2011 action-comedy The Green Hornet, which was rated PG-13.

“We learned not to make $200 million movies. It’s not fun,” said Rogen.

The R-rated comedies with which Rogen has had the most success have been creatively freer.

He explained, “Once it’s R-rated you can pretty much do anything you want except penetration. Once it’s R-rated you’re pretty much left alone contract wise.”

Do you agree with Rogen that the ratings system is a problem?

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