Seth Rogen & James Franco BLAST Media For “F*cked Up” Hacked Sony Email Posts: “It’s F*cking Stolen!” (LISTEN)

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Seth Rogen James Franco Howard Stern

By Daniel Gates


Seth Rogen James Franco Howard Stern

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Seth Rogen and James Franco appeared on Monday’s “The Howard Stern Show,” and they talked about EVERYTHING, including the Sony hacking scandal that has dominated Hollywood in recent days. Listen to what they said below.

Blasting various media outlets for publishing the contents of hacked emails, including his own, Rogen declared, “It’s stolen information… I think it’s f*cked up that anyone is talking about it. And I’m OK talking about my sh*t, honestly, because I don’t f*cking care that much, and the stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of sh*t is not that bad, but it’s f*cking stolen.”

“I do think it’s f*cked up that everyone is doing EXACTLY what these criminals want,” he explained, noting that media outlets are giving the hackers a platform in exchange for cheap traffic. He and Stern also talked about how it all compares to this year’s nude picture hacking scandal, and whether North Korea is behind the attack because of the Kim Jong Un assassination plot line in The Interview. Franco brought up the point that Sony was able to pull down stolen movies with legal threats, but no one seems to be taking other stolen information seriously.

The interview included plenty of other interesting tidbits. Franco says he did NOT date and has not had sex with Lana Del Rey, despite rumors. He and Rogen reflected on their relationship with Kanye West, and the weird time when West rapped his entire new album for Rogen in person.

The duo talked about comedies not getting critical acclaim, how funny they think The Interview is despite what they consider some strange reviews, and how screwed up the Golden Globes are. Franco also discussed his behind-the-scenes “Saturday Night Live” documentary, why he doesn’t smoke weed like Rogen does, and lots more. The whole thing is worth a listen. Hear the audio below, and tell us what you think.

Seth Rogen and James Franco on the Sony Hacking:

James Franco on Dating Rumors:

Seth Rogen and James Franco on Bias Against Comedies:

James Franco on “SNL” Documentary:

Seth Rogen and James Franco on Smoking On Set:

Seth Rogen on Kanye West:

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