Seth Meyers Hilariously Challenges Sony Hackers To “Bring It On!” (VIDEO)

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Seth Meyers Sony Hackers

By Michael Lewittes


Seth Meyers Sony Hackers


Seth Meyers did a hilarious bit called “Bring It On!” during Thursday’s “Late Night,” challenging the North Korean hackers who have brought Sony to its knees to hack into NBC and his own personal email. Watch the video below.

The host began by saying that he agreed with people who are outraged about Sony giving in to the demands of cyber-terrorists. Meyers then spoke into the camera, daring the hackers to come after his own network. As Meyers talked, graphics appeared beneath him in which NBC pleaded with hackers not to take Meyers up on his challenge.

“We here at NBC do not endorse the views of Seth Meyers. The views of Seth Meyers are his alone,” read one such caption as the host railed against the North Koreans. When Meyers invited the hackers to hack into NBC’s email servers, the words beneath Meyers read, “Please do not hack into our email servers.”

But when Meyers announced, “Go ahead and hack into my personal email,” NBC agreed, “We are okay with that.” The network even gave the hackers some help, revealing that Meyers’ password is “password.”

When Meyers mocks Kim Jong-un’s appearance, NBC superimposes the dictator’s hairdo on Meyers and declares, “We love the bowl cut! Let’s see how it would look on Seth.” At the end, NBC directs the hackers to infiltrate its website… at It’s all pretty amusing, given the very serious situation going on with Sony. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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