Seth Meyers Breaks Nose (VIDEO)

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Seth Meyers Broken Nose

By Michael Lewittes


Seth Meyers Broken Nose


Seth Meyers broke his nose over the weekend, though it was completely unnoticeable on Monday’s show, thanks to his “incredible makeup artist,” who was able to conceal the “big ole shiner.”


The “Late Night” host explained that he was in Boulder, Colorado with college friends for their annual fantasy football draft weekend get-together when they all “decided it would be really fun” if they played street hockey.

So, Meyers said, “We went out to a Sports Authority and we got a bunch of little hockey sticks and hockey nets and we played street hockey on a suburban street… We’re talking the kind of hockey where when a car came, you would have to go, ‘Car!’ and take the nets and clear the street.”

“We were 40-year-old men having the time of our lives, playing street hockey,” he added.

The host then noted, “I gave a speech like you would give in a sports movie. I said, ‘Gentlemen, we’re at the age now where this is likely the least time we’re ever going to play street hockey, so leave it all out on the pavement. The rest of your life don’t regret anything about this last game because you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.'”

“Cut to 30 seconds later,” Meyers told the audience, “a friend smashes me in the nose with his stick. and I hit the ground and immediately. Immediately, knew that my nose was broken… My friends couldn’t hear me because they were all laughing. So much laughter — as much laughter as blood.”

The former SNL head writer showed a photo of the aftermath: “It was bad. My nose was going in a completely different direction.”

A nightly TV presence, Meyers said he was in a “panic” because “my nose is on the other side of my face.”

Once in the emergency room in a Boulder hospital, he was told they could put him under and operate or “pop it back into place.”

Meyers said he chose the latter, but was warned by the doctor, the procedure would make “a giant, super loud noise.”

How loud?

Meyers recalled, “It was the loudest nose. It was the sound of a thousand sticks being cracked in half at once, but if it was inside your head.”

Even the doctor remarked, ‘That is way louder than it usually is!'”

Meyers acknowledged that he’s “always had a crooked nose,” the the doctor ended up “readjusting both what the hockey stick had done and also God’s work.”

Check out the videos below of Meyers recounting how he broke his nose, and tell us what you think.

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